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Derbyshire Energy Communities

last updated : 13 March 2024

In addition to DDCE, there are 16 other community energy groups operating within Derbyshire. This page shows these groups, and the renewable energy sites that they are working with. It also shows what other projects these groups are working on. Where the group has its own website we provide a link to that website, so that you can find out more about them.

A review of the Derbyshire Community Energy Partnership hub can be found here.

Events run by Derbyshire Groups

DDCE is delighted to announce free workshops in support of Derbyshire Community Energy Partnership Hub. We acknowledge the funding support from Derbyshire County Council grant scheme.


Bonsall Energy Group is delighted to offer local people access to a free, certified Carbon Literacy course. The one-day course will take place on Saturday  23 March 2024  at Bonsall Village Hall.

The Carbon  Literacy course takes participants through a series of modules, covering the basics of climate change, climate equity & carbon footprints, achieving a zero-carbon future, becoming change agents and taking action.

You can sign up for this on their website


Brassington Community Energy is pleased to announce a free, Climate  Essentials course. The course will take place on Thursday 21st March 2024 at 7pm – 9pm in Brassington Legion Hall, Church Street, Brassington DE4 4HJ. If you wish to sign up for this course, please contact Brian Barry via email.

Change Agents UK are delivering this free workshop on the climate story and how recognising our own values and skills is the first huge step in taking action. We’ll be giving a brief introduction to carbon footprints using the interactive ‘How Bad are Bananas’ game, before delving a little deeper on our own values and skills and how these can be used to make an impact. We’ll then connect these skills to community energy and show how everyone can make a difference in their local area.


To be confirmed for 10 April 2024. Details to follow.

Community Energy Groups in Derbyshire

Group NameRenewables ProjectsOther projects
Belper ClustersEV charging infrastructureWorking with improving the performance of hard to treat buildings and exploring opportunities for solar PV. The group is also involved with community engagement through heritage trails and street cleans
Belper Community EnergyMultiple solar PV sites in Belper including Slenderella LtdAlso looking at renewable heat – ASHP, GSHP, WSHP
Birch Vale CIC LtdBiomass combined heat and power and Solar PV – Birch House, Thornsett Industrial, Wethercotes Domestic energy efficiency through low cost interventions
Bonsall Community EnergyWind and Solar PV – Ball Eye Quarry, Uppertown FarmCommunity engagement and interest in retrofit
Brassington Community EnergyCommunity District Heating with Air Source Heat and Wind Turbine 
Calver Hydro projectHydroImproving natural habitat
Cromford Mill (Arkwright Society)Hydro and energy efficiency work at Cromford Mill
Cromford Water Power CICHydro – generating revenue from the sale of hydro power to benefit local community projects 
Darley Abbey Community EnergyHydo –  Darley AbbeyThermal imaging and retrofit project in Darley Abbey
Derbyshire Dales Community Energy (DDCE)Roof Mounted Solar working with Big Solar Coop as a delivery partner – Twiggs Stores, John Palin, Farmer’s View Social Club, Forged SolutionsWork on heritage and social, environmental and economic beneifts that could benefit the Derwent Valley Mills WHS area
Hope Valley RenewablesSolar PV – A large quarry site in Hope Valley 
Hope Valley Climate Action (HVCA)Possibly wind turbines should planning constraints easeEnergy efficiency and deep retrofit on hard to treat dwellings – Abney
Horsley Woodhouse Parish CouncilSmall scale wind and solar PV  – 1st Sitwell Scout Group Hut, Merlin Lane 
Slaley Community EnergySolar PV – Slaley Hall and other sites 
Sustainable HayfieldGround mounted solar PVEnergy efficiency work within the boundary of Hayfield village
Tideswell & District Environment GroupEnergy efficiencySeveral sustainability projects including improving the natural habitat and reducing the use of plastic
Transition BuxtonSolar PV and possibly energy storageEnhancing biodiversity, reducing waste, Library of Things and sustainability education in schools
Community Energy Groups in Derbyshire

Potential of the Renewable Energy Sites in Derbyshire

Community GroupType of Renewablepower kWpAnnual production kWhCO2 saved (tonnes)
Belper Community Energy Totalroof mounted solar559504,058102
Birch Vale CIC Totalroof mounted solar10085,00025
Bonsall Community Energy TotalWind and ground mounted solar350532,00027
Brassington Community Energy Total ASHP, wind2,8272,000,00058
Cromford Mill (Arkwright Society) TotalHydro40115,9006
Darley Abbey Community Energy TotalHydro50330,00044
Derbyshire Dales Community Energy (DDCE) Totalroof mounted solar1,5101,268,232349
Horsley Woodhouse Parish Council Totalroof mounted solar4033,60020
Slaley Community Energy Totalground mounted solar250212,50030
Grand Total5,7265,081,290661
Potential Renewable Energy Sites