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Current Work

Last updated  20 November 2023

Our Phase 2 funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund came to an end in March 2023. More details on this and the full report can be found here.

DDCE are partnering with the Big Solar Co-op: they will raise finance, install solar panels on buildings and manage them for the lifetime of the solar panels. This short video shows how we are working with Big Solar Co-op.

The Big Solar Co-op are a cooperative like us. They are a not-for-profit, carbon-first and volunteer-led organisation. They already have a community share offer in progress and our local community members will be able to invest in their share offer.

DDCE now have three local sites where Big Solar Co-op have issued a proposal: these sites represent 746kWp of installed capacity, and we also have a number of other sites that we are continuing to work with. By investing in Big Solar Co-op, you will be able to support the installation of solar panels on these sites.

Investing Big Solar Co-op

The Big Solar Co-op has relaunched its share offer with improved terms (5% interest). Their first share offer ended in December 2022 with a total raised of £840k. They are progressing some very promising solar sites and they need to make sure we have the funds in place to finance them.

You can find details of how to invest here.